• When you arrive ring the top doorbell and I'll let you in and ask that you sanitize your hands.  I have this for you to use.  

  • If you have a homemade cloth mask I ask that you wear it throughout the whole treatment, I will be wearing a disposable mask.  If you don't have one then I can give you one.

  • Upon arrival, we will head straight to the treatment room and begin the session as we normally do.

  • Hand washing and disinfecting procedures are always maintained before and after treatments.  For now, only treating (max) three - four clients a day with at least 30 minutes between clients for disinfecting and sanitizing.

  • Of course the washroom is available for you and is cleaned after every use.  If you can try to use the bathroom before arrival that would be great.  I would also recommend bringing your own water bottle.

  • Contactless payments are preferred: E-Transfer, Debit, Credit (Tap)

What am I doing to limit risk: 

  • Washing hands before and after each treatment

  • Thorough wipe down with disinfectant wipes on all contact surfaces mainly (but not limited to): chair, massage stool, massage table, oil bottle, desk, face cradles, door knobs and sink taps.

  • Enhancing time between clients (30 mins - 45 mins) to allow for a safe amount of ventilation to pass through and allowing time for disinfectant to run its course.

  • Deep cleaning all the areas of the clinic that are considered ‘high traffic’ areas. This includes washrooms and other clinic areas.

  • Cleaning is to be done with disinfectant wipes and /or sprays

  • Public health calls for cleaning twice a day and deep cleaning once a day.

  • Using a steam mop at the end of each day to deep clean floors