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UPDATE: June 15, 2022

As of June 11, 2022, most of the Ontario mask mandates have expired. 

You will no longer be required to wear a mask inside the clinic but are welcome to wear one as well as request your therapist to wear a mask during your treatment.  Client-centred care is one of the pillars to an effective treatment. 

UPDATE: January 19, 2022

Yes!  We're still open!  Book your appointment today and help rid of those back pains from shoveling that wild snowfall.  But in all seriousness, top-notch cleaning and disinfecting protocols are still in effect.  Mask usage, HEPA filter, crack in the window (if you wish), and 30-minute gaps between appointments.  As always, please feel free to e-mail or text with any more inquiries.

UPDATE: January 13, 2021

The Stay-at-Home directive to commence on Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 12:01 am raises questions for patients "Can we still come in for an appointment?".  The answer: "yes!".  Exceptions for permitted purposes or activities include going to the grocery store or pharmacy and accessing healthcare services (massage therapy).  Not to be confused with a luxury or spa service, Massage Therapists are Regulated Healthcare Professionals operating under the Regulated Health Professions Act and Massage Therapy Act.


Nothing has changed with regards to the high standards of disinfecting, sanitizing, temperature checks and pre-screening measures.  I continue to only treat 3-4 patients per day and leave 30-45 minutes between treatments to ensure quality cleaning protocols.  Safety in treatment is the priority here and we can only do that together!

Of course, if you're feeling apprehensive and waiting for numbers to go down, please do and only book in when you feel safe and ready to.  Matthew Chu, RMT will always be available whenever you are ready.  

If you are feeling 'off' and a little under the weather, I ask that you please reschedule your appointment (with no penalty) but to try and give as much notice as possible (24 hours in advance ideal).  

In good health,

Matthew Chu, RMT

UPDATE: Nov 23, 2020

As Toronto enters another lockdown as of 12:01am today, RMTs have been given the green light to continue to practice. It is without a doubt now more than ever that receiving therapeutic touch in a healthy, safe and professional manner is and will be a vital necessity as we navigate the next four weeks. If you have a massage booked already, it is still a go as long as you pass the screening process and are asymptomatic.

At Matthew Chu, RMT I have been following strict health and safety protocols to keep the risk of transmission as low as possible. When operating a practice out of my home, it's imperative to maintain a clean household for myself and my patients.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Stay safe and healthy :)

At the Studio:

  • When you arrive ring the top doorbell and I'll let you in and ask that you sanitize your hands and undergo a temperature check.  

  • If you have a homemade cloth mask I ask that you wear it throughout the whole treatment, I will be wearing a surgical-grade disposable mask.  If you forgot your mask, I can give you one.

  • Upon arrival, we will head straight to the treatment room and begin the session as we normally do.

  • Hand washing and disinfecting procedures are always maintained before and after treatments.  For now, only treating (max) three-four clients a day with at least 30 minutes between clients for disinfecting and sanitizing.

  • Of course, the washroom is available for you and is cleaned after every use.  If you can try to use the bathroom before arrival that would be great.  I would also recommend bringing your own water bottle.

  • Contactless payments are preferred: E-Transfer, Debit, Credit (Tap)

What am I doing to limit risk: 

  • Washing hands before and after each treatment

  • Thoroughly wipe down with disinfectant wipes on all contact surfaces mainly (but not limited to): chair, massage stool, massage table, oil bottle, desk, face cradles, doorknobs and sink taps.

  • Enhancing time between clients (30 mins - 45 mins) to allow for a safe amount of ventilation to pass through and allowing time for the disinfectant to run its course.

  • Deep cleaning all the areas of the clinic that are considered ‘high traffic’ areas. This includes washrooms and other clinic areas.

  • Cleaning is to be done with disinfectant wipes and /or sprays

  • Public health calls for cleaning twice a day and deep cleaning once a day.

  • Using a steam mop at the end of each day to deep clean floors

  • New HVAC systems installed only 4.5 years ago to help filter particles in the air.

  • Use of an air purifier with HEPA filter specific to the treatment space.  

MOBILE Treatments:

  • I sanitize my hands before entering the home and don't mind sanitizing again when I enter.  

  • Masks are a must for both the patient being treating and for myself.  I will always wear a brand new, surgical grade mask when I come in and you the patient can wear your usual cloth mask.

  • All patients are required to fill out a health history form (will be provided when we book the appointment) as well as fill out the Covid-19 pre-screening tool, all online for peace of mind.  If you or I answer 'yes' to any of the questions, we will simply reschedule the appointment.

  • I will provide freshly laundered linens and I ask that you provide a pillow to be placed under your ankles and knees and to provide any kind of music you find relaxing.

  • Hand washing is always performed before and after each massage.

  • Once the treatments are completed, I'll pack up my massage table and linens and be off!  

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